Hands of an Art Teacher – A job well done!

After a long day of creating masterpieces and cleaning up afterwards, THIS is the look of a job well done!  Unfortunately, while we had a great time my hands are a little worse for wear.  I am not someone who wears gloves generally (only for liquid watercolor that stains FOREVER) because I lose my “feel”.  I am a very tactile person and my hands pay a price.  I do like to have decent looking hands and nails though … (-:

I spend about a half an hour after a hard day in the sink removing the fingernail polish (always a light color so chips don’t show!) and the remover also helps take off the paint stains.  After that, a good slathering of Aveeno or Burt’s Bees gets things rolling.  I usually reapply in half an hour or so and throughout the night.  Anyone have good suggestions for lotions etc.?

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